A project to record the mosses and liverworts in the tetrads of East Sussex (and West Sussex as well, sometimes)

The recording of mosses and liverworts in Sussex has been going on for well over 150 years. The county contains some very famous and rich sites, though there are still areas which are under-recorded, or which have never been recorded at all.

In 2016 Tom Ottley proposed that a group of us work together to record more thoroughly at the tetrad level, and this blog provides a space for us to share our progress, inspired by the excellent South Wales Bryophytes blog.

Occasional posts may also feature meetings of the BBS SE group.

Posts are in the following categories:

  • Out in the field (Short reports of things we find when we’re out surveying)
  • Species accounts (Items about a particular moss or liverwort)
  • Atlas project (Periodic updates on the recording progress)
  • BBS SE group (The more formal field meetings in Sussex, Kent and Surrey)
  • History of bryology (Articles including information about recording and research at least several decades ago)
  • General bryology (Items that don’t really fit in any of the previous five categories)

And the participants are:

If you are based in or near East Sussex we need your help recording bryophytes for the Atlas Project. We aim to record at least forty species in each tetrad in East Sussex which is fairly easy in most of the Weald and on the Downs but quite a challenge in urban areas such as Brighton and along the coast. Recorders in the East of the vice county are particularly needed, and West Sussex recording would be good too! If you would like to join us on an informal weekday trip or plan to record independently do get in touch. We look forward to seeing you soon.

The following map shows the state of the recording effort for the county at 23 June 2016, roughly when the project started, and the thread Atlas project includes occasional updates on progress.

Map of East Sussex
Tetrad map as at 23 June 2016