Tunnel Vision

Banky Wood, July 4, 2016 Banky wood which straddles tetrads TQ52Z and TQ52Y has some pretty ghylls which yielded most of the typical ghyll species and a long list for each tetrad. While I was distracted by this photogenic concrete pipe Tom, who is just out of shot, found patches of Campylophyllum calcareum thinly covering […]

Didymodon rigidulus

One of the commoner mosses in Sussex and readily found once you know both its habitat and what it looks like.  It is likely to be in many gardens for example.  It is well worth studying in detail since you will learn a lot about the genus in doing so. A typical habitat would be […]

East Sussex Tetrads

Here is the latest map as at 22nd July 2016.  There has been much activity around Waldron in TQ51, thanks Tim, and further north near Mayfield in TQ52.  Jacqui’s hectad (TQ31) is coming on nicely now too and just today, two squares were turned green near Arlington in TQ50.  I know there is more data […]

Picture of Sematophyllum substrumulosum

Sematophyllum substrumulosum

Once thought to be very rare in Britain, this has now been shown to have spread greatly in recent years although when the extension of its range started is still a matter of debate.  Up until a few years ago there was just one Sussex site, at Kingley Vale near Chichester.  Then it was found […]

Picture of Bryum torquescens

Bryum torquescens

Generally considered to be a very difficult genus with many people simply giving up.  Most observers can recognise Bryum capillare however with the leaf shape providing one clue.  It is widest above the middle (spathulate) and the leaves corkscrew around each other to create an obvious spiral of leaves when dry.  It is often abundant […]