Picture of Orthotrichum anomalum

Herstmonceux churchyard

Keith Palmer was leading a SE lichen group meeting to Herstmonceux churchyard on Saturday, so while learning about lichens it was also a good opportunity to do a little bryophyte recording at the same time. This is quite a well recorded tetrad especially since Tom has visited the castle grounds, and the BBS spring meeting […]

Welsh Moss

There’s a moss that’s fairly common round here (Ceredigion) – in a very specific habitat – that you simply won’t find in Sussex.  It grows on hard acidic rock (that’s the first reason) in steep, very humid gorges (the second).  It’s Isothecium holtii.  In the photo above taken on the Hafod Estate it’s abundant in […]

Shaken and stirtonii

Often the first thing I do on returning from a mossing trip is to give any Zygodons I have collected a shake onto a microscope slide and check the gemmae. This time the gemmae had vertical cell divisions making it Zygodon  viridissimus as seems to be usual on Brighton Elm trees.  On checking the leaves to see how […]

Picture of Ditchling Common

Ditchling Common South

One of the recent attendees on BBS SE meetings is Nevil Hutchinson, and he has also joined BBS, so the two of us explored the southern part of Ditchling Common a couple of weeks ago. I only realised afterwards that Jacqui had already visited the tetrad, though as always is the case multiple visits clearly […]

Picture of Hartfield church

Hartfield revisited

My visit to Hartfield and tetrad TQ43S a few weeks ago only covered one corner of TQ4735 and hadn’t touched the village itself at all. Thinking that the churchyard might be worth a quick visit I went there a couple of days ago and ended up spending rather more time there than I expected. One […]

Picture of Bartramia pomiformis


The tetrad TQ43S is noticeably under-recorded, and since Hartfield is just the next parish over from where I live I popped over there a couple of weeks ago to see what I could find. Starting from the centre of the village I headed north to the Forest Way, and then back along the footpaths through […]