An hour in Crawley

I had a bit of time to kill on Friday while I was waiting before heading off for the weekend. Not seeming terribly promising for bryology, I had 80 minutes in Gossops Green in Crawley, so did a quick raid on Goffs Park. As it turned out, it was better than I expected, and there was only one previous record for TQ23N (for Rhytidiadelphus squarrosus), so anything was going to be an improvement.

Picture of The Triangle conservation area, Goffs Park, Crawley

The Triangle conservation area, Goffs Park, Crawley

A triangular corner of the park is managed by Gatwick Greenspace Partnership, and that produced a reasonable collection of species, including some epiphytes such as Cololejeunea minutissima and Cryphaea heteromalla on some relatively recent plantings.

Picture of Cololejeunea minutissima

Cololejeunea minutissima

The body of the park itself looked unpromising, but there is a small stream running through the middle of it, surrounded by what must be a small vestige of old woodland. However, the stream was incised enough to make it tricky to see what was in it, and I was wearing completely inappropriate footwear, so only managed to record Pellia epiphylla and Lunularia cruciata. There is no doubt more.

Picture of the stream in Goffs Park

The stream in Goffs Park

With time running out, a very dusty Bryum argenteum lurked on the tarmac of the footbridge over the main road. The grand total was 23 species, including Rhytidiadelphus squarrosus), and I only hit the western part of the park.


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