Recording progress

It is just over a year since Tom started the East Sussex tetrad recording project, so is worth comparing how things have moved on since the last review on 22 July 2016. Sue, Jacqui and I have been out recording fairly often, sometimes with extra help too, and 249 of the 559 tetrads now have […]

North by Northease

Just up the road from Southease is, predictably, Northease.  The hamlet consists of little more than a couple of cottages and a farm. When I visited earlier this year a corrugated asbestos barn roof was shedding large cushions of Syntrichia ruralis subsp. ruraliformis but a grassy verge in front of a cottage proved to be more interesting than it […]

Picture of Dicranella staphylina tuber

Hartfield to Withyham

I’ve not done much recording over the last few weeks, so yesterday continued working on my home hectad, focussing on the area to the east of Hartfield village centre and over the parish boundary to Withyham. My plan was to do a nice circular walk through Buckhurst Park, stop off at Withyham churchyard and then […]

Picture of Aloina aloides

A mini-bioblitz at Wartling

Raised above the Pevensey Levels, the small village of Wartling has some wonderful views, and last month we got to enjoy them while looking for small plants. Wartling church was having a wildlife day, and a small posse of naturalists attended to do some recording and illustrate the biodiversity that can exist in churchyards. A […]