Picture of Battle Abbey

Battle Abbey

BBS SE meeting, 26 November 2017 The area around Battle in Sussex has been little recorded in the past, so was an ideal target for a field meeting. Francis Rose had visited the abbey at the end of September 1993 and the 13 species recorded in the database from that visit included Eucladium verticillatum, Grimmia […]

Pohlia lutescens

Having written a recent blog article about P. lescuriana, here are some notes on P. lutescens to help separate the two.  They are very similar in the field (see picture of P. lescuriana for the general appearance) both appearing as small, slender stems of a yellowish or slightly bluish green colour, quite starry but with […]

Pohlia lescuriana

One of several small Bryums and Pohlias that many bryologists tend to avoid but, with patience and a dissecting microscope can be identified with good accuracy.  It is closely related to another small Pohlia, P. lutescens and, despite reports to the contrary, it is the experience of the author that it is considerably commoner than […]

Picture of bryophytes on Elm


I so needed a walk. A proper, seriously fast stomp after weeks of computer work. Knowing that the light would start fading by 3.30 I finally managed to get out a shade before one o’clock and headed north. And then a bit east. Through Tablehurst Farm, and up the hill to Cansiron Lane on the […]