Picture of one of the pillboxes near Ashurst Bridge

Mossy pillboxes

Right up in the north of the county the Medway meanders over the floodplain, which is often several hundred metres wide, and then rises up another 50m either side. On one side is East Sussex, and the other is Kent. The Sussex portion makes up about a third of the tetrad TQ53E, though it looks […]

Picture of part of the Gatwick estate

Airport bryology

[Originally written for the Biodiversity Gatwick blog] How many mosses and liverworts might you expect to find at Gatwick airport? Surely it is hardly a rich space for these small plants; at first you’d think of tarmac, concrete and some marginal areas, none of which harbour that many species. However, the Gatwick estate is blessed […]

Bopeep to Berwick

The first May bank holiday weekend was a scorcher, the hottest ever recorded, and I spent most of it on the Downs around Bopeep. Saturday was breezy and the ground was still a little damp after rain so it wasn’t too bad for mossing. I headed towards a small, overgrown chalk pit above the village […]

Picture of Oast houses at Summerford Farm, Balls Green, Withyham, Sussex

Balls Green

Withyham is a huge parish, running from the Kent border up to King’s Standing on the forest, fringing the edge of Crowborough, and including Groombridge and part of Broadwater Warren. It includes many well known bryophyte locations, as well as large areas that have been visited rarely, or never. One such place is the area […]