Wild Wiggling Walk

Cuckmere River I headed off from High and Over car park, through thick nettle scrub, down the steep path, steps cut into short-cropped chalk grassland scattered with splodges of bright pink Thyme, under the low Hawthorn and Deadly Nightshade, (no sign of the Henbane which was growing here a few years ago), onto the levels […]

Beach Bryums

Norman’s Bay The Sussex Botanical Recording Society had organised a trip to look at the shingle and saltmarsh flowers at Norman’s Bay and I noticed that there was just one bryophyte record in more than four kilometers of sparsely inhabited coast. Heavy rain and strong winds set off car alarms throughout Friday night in Brighton […]

Over Ripe

Chalvington and Ripe Almost a month after my earlier visit I cycled to Ripe again, this time getting a train to Berwick and meandering around the lanes from there. I made a mental note of roadside  swamps and foxglove filled woodlands for future reference then, thinking that I was already in Ripe, stopped to look […]

Reedens Meadows

The 29 acres of Reedens Meadows in Newick, provided by a private developer as part of a plan to reduce recreational pressure on Ashdown Forest, are now owned and managed by Lewes District Council. A year ago, while surveying the meadows as part of the River Ouse Project, I agreed to survey the area for […]