Picture of the bryophytes of an arable field

Return to the Field

Since last week’s walk featured a rather curtailed exploration of a rather promising arable field just west of Crawley Down, I nipped back yesterday to spend a bit more time exploring it, and it was certainly worth doing. The Riccias were still dotted around the soil, and clearly included both glauca and sorocarpa, though nothing […]

Picture of Gatwick

More mosses and liverworts at Gatwick

[Originally written for the Biodiversity Gatwick blog] The bryophyte survey of Gatwick started in 2018, focussing on the eastern part of the estate, and this activity has now continued during 2019, exploring the western area, along the river Mole and Brockley Wood. Both parts of the site contain largely similar species, though the character of […]

Picture of Gullege farmhouse

Rural East Grinstead

The north-west corner of vice-county 14 needs some attention, so a short investigative walk around the fields and lanes just west of East Grinstead beckoned a couple of weeks ago. It has been ages since I went out surveying on my own, and it was enjoyable having that focussed attention while at the same time […]

Picture of the site

Burnthouse Wood

BBS SE meeting, 28 April 2019   Continuing the expansion of recording activity eastwards, this field meeting visited an almost completely unrecorded tetrad just north of Battle, largely in the parish of Netherfield. Sitting on the Ashdown Formation, this tetrad had just a handful of old unlocalised records including Ctenidium molluscum, Dichodontium pellucidum, Hookeria lucens, […]