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Burnthouse Wood

BBS SE meeting, 28 April 2019   Continuing the expansion of recording activity eastwards, this field meeting visited an almost completely unrecorded tetrad just north of Battle, largely in the parish of Netherfield. Sitting on the Ashdown Formation, this tetrad had just a handful of old unlocalised records including Ctenidium molluscum, Dichodontium pellucidum, Hookeria lucens, […]

Picture of Portsmouth Museum

Bryophytes in the Guermonprez collection at Portsmouth Museum

Henry Leopold Foster Guermonprez (1858-1924) lived in Bognor from the early 1890s and amassed a huge natural history collection comprising plants, lichens, fungi, moths, birds and much else. He collected a large portion of this himself, mainly in West Sussex, but he also bought and acquired other collections, and received items from various correspondents. The […]

Picture of Wadhurst Station


BBS SE meeting, 17 March 2019   The area south-east of Tunbridge Wells is still remarkably devoid of bryophyte records, so that was sufficient incentive to hold a field meeting there. Wadhurst station is a bit out of town, but is conveniently located for heading off to look at small plants in the hitherto completely […]

Picture of Shepherd's Grove

Surrey borders

The northern boundary of the parish of Forest Row borders both Kent and Surrey, and so there is a small stretch of Sussex in one tetrad in TQ44 from which you can see Surrey. I needed a walk this afternoon so was wandering in the border zone; I thought I had recorded on the Sussex […]