British Bryological Society South East Group

We are a friendly group of enthusiastic bryologists with members at all levels of ability.  We usually run a programme of events from September through to April covering parts of Kent, Surrey and Sussex. So if you would like to find out where we are going and join us, please contact either: Brad Scott or Sue Rubinstein, or you can sign up to the email list. Details are also available on the BBS site.

Below is the list of meetings which have been organised for the forthcoming season, and you can also read reports of previous field meetings. We have a varied mix of habitats in the county ranging from chalk grassland, coastal shingle, heathland to woodland and Ardingly Sandstone, so we usually expect to see a good diversity of bryophyte species. Some locations will have more challenging terrain; please check with the leader if you are unsure about anything.

The email group will be notified a day or two before each meeting to confirm that it is going ahead as planned or to inform you of any change of plan. The BBS also requires participants to read a risk assessment before attending a field meeting and this will be included in the pre-meeting mailout.

Meetings are open to everyone, not just members, so friends are welcome. Please remember to wear warm clothing and waterproofs, and bring food and drinks if you’re planning to stay for the whole meeting. The only equipment you’ll need is a hand lens if you have one although a camera, notebook, collecting bags and a small spray bottle are also useful. All meetings will be suitable for all levels of expertise from absolute beginners through to specialists. If you wish to purchase a field guide to bryophytes then the best book is the British Bryological Society’s Mosses and Liverworts of Britain and Ireland: a field guide (2010).

Meetings will start promptly at 10.30am and finish around 3-3.30pm.

Covid-19: At the moment groups are limited to six people and we should keep 2m apart. Please bring your own hand lens and ID books and do not share equipment. Places on field meetings will need to be booked via the mailing list while current restrictions are in place.

During lockdowns meetings will not go ahead.

Sunday 20 September 2020: Shermanbury

Led by Sue Rubinstein and Brad Scott

The first field meeting of the season will be a gentle walk along the river Adur taking in the village churchyard where Leucodon sciuroides has been found in the past and areas of carr woodland.
Places are limited to 6 people and need to be booked. Please only attend if you have reserved a place.


Led by Brad Scott

A completely unrecorded tetrad on the Wealden Clay south of Stonegate village as the land slopes down to the Rother. Realistically, it may not be an especially rich territory for bryophytes, but should at least be good for beginners and revision. But you never know what we might find! Meet at Stonegate station car park (TQ658272) (£1)

Rooks Hill

Led by Stephen Lemon.

This will be a walk along steep wooded slopes on the ragstone ridge in Kent, east of Sevenoaks.  The site is within the One Tree Hill and Bitchet Common SSSI. Small calcareous ragstone rocks outcrop with range of bryophytes and there are some very large coppice stools rich in bryophytes where we should see Porella arbores-vitae in small amounts. There are old records for Amblystegium confervoides and Scleropodium tourettii.  Meet at the free car park at One Tree Hill (TQ55875321).