Disco Down

I made a feeble start on the north-western part of Bexhill when I cycled along Turkey Lane during the summer drought, only recording three bryophytes! This week I tried approaching from the town side, aiming for urban woodland on Bexhill Down. Before reaching the woodland there were a few trees by the main road, familiar […]

The Bryophyte Year 2021

Source: Adastra 2021, published by the Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre, March 2022 It seems best to start with a highlight from a disrupted year; the one and only field meeting that my co-county recorder Brad and I managed to hold this year. Bryophyte season, unfortunately, coincides with Covid season, and all other plans for get-togethers […]

Top of the Pond

The southern edge of Pond Lye was a fairly unrewarding diversion from a cycle up Bishopstone Lane a couple of weeks ago. Extensive renovation work to the pond banks meant that the bryophytes were mostly common species of disturbed habitats. The other edges looked more established but were fenced off from the footpath. The Woodland […]

Levels Crossing

Why did the bryologist keep crossing Pevensey levels? Repeated visits have slowly added more species to this area, an SSSI with many nationally rare invertebrates and scarse aquatic vascular plants but not renowned for its bryophytes. It is slow going and most moss finds are common and predictable. September can be a sweet spot between […]