Freeze Fall

Everybody with an eye on the weather forecast and some free time was outdoors on a Friday in early February when the sun shone and the wind dropped. David went on a mossing trip to Ticehurst and every Brightonian with a bike, skateboard or scooter was on the under cliff where the white chalk reflects […]

Picture of Hookeria lucens

Rotherfield riches

The High Weald in the north of East Sussex is remarkably rich bryologically. There are well-known hot spots, such as Ashdown Forest and the locations with large sandstone outcrops, but many other areas exceed 100 species per tetrad too, and it is likely that a tally of 80 is the baseline minimum for the entire […]

Picture of Mill Wood, Hammerwood


Up in the north of East Sussex, the three hectads have just about reached the point where all the tetrads have had at least one visit in the last decade and a reasonable initial list of species recorded in them. However, if you scratch the surface you can easily see that, even if an area […]