Ditchling to Streat and back

A rare sunny, but frosty, morning saw me set off from the sports field in Ditchling hoping to add some records to two tetrads: TQ31H and TQ31M. Starting in TQ31H, the car park had some scruffy Kindbergia praelonga, Brachythecium rutabulum and Bryum dichotomum. Across the road the verges had Rhytidiadelphus squarrosus and Calliergonella cuspidata. The […]

Picture of the signpost for Bells Yew Green, Sussex

Bells Yew Green

Some plans just don’t work out. I was thinking about possible venues for a field meeting that could be targetted at beginners, yet which also fulfilled the useful function of recording in an under-recorded area. Such locations need somewhere to park, a reasonable mix of habitats, easily-arranged access, and offer little likelihood of losing or […]

Picture of Gotwick Manor

Surrey borders II

I had completely forgotten that the parish in which I live borders Surrey for a short distance at its north-west corner. However, I did know that it was still a relatively under-recorded part of the somewhat elongate territory that makes up Forest Row, so left the car at one of the two very conveniently located […]