February update

Tom did a data merge on Sunday 25 February, which has added nearly 2000 more records since the last merge back in November. We have been busy. Not only have there been BBS SE Group meetings at Battle Abbey and The Mens, but the tetrad recording continues with solid regularity, and more than a hundred […]

Another 2000 records

After the weekend merge of our respective data sets we now have 266 tetrads with at least 40 species recorded, which is 47.7% of the total for East Sussex, an increase of 17 tetrads since the end of June. We’re doing well, and I think our hit rate is increasing. There are now just 69 […]

Recording progress

It is just over a year since Tom started the East Sussex tetrad recording project, so is worth comparing how things have moved on since the last review on 22 July 2016. Sue, Jacqui and I have been out recording fairly often, sometimes with extra help too, and 249 of the 559 tetrads now have […]

East Sussex Tetrads

Here is the latest map as at 22nd July 2016.  There has been much activity around Waldron in TQ51, thanks Tim, and further north near Mayfield in TQ52.  Jacqui’s hectad (TQ31) is coming on nicely now too and just today, two squares were turned green near Arlington in TQ50.  I know there is more data […]