Picture of part of the Gatwick estate

Airport bryology

[Originally written for the Biodiversity Gatwick blog] How many mosses and liverworts might you expect to find at Gatwick airport? Surely it is hardly a rich space for these small plants; at first you’d think of tarmac, concrete and some marginal areas, none of which harbour that many species. However, the Gatwick estate is blessed […]

Picture of Jungermannia turneri (Cephaloziella rurneri) from Hooker's British Jungermanniae (1816)

Cephaloziella turneri in Sussex

Edward Jenner (1803-1872) was an active botanist in the county in the middle years of the nineteenth century. Born in South Heighton, for most of his working life he was traveller to the printing house of Baxter of Lewes, publishers of the Sussex Express. He married Nancy May (1802–1869) at St John the Baptist, Southover […]

Picture of Solenostoma gracillimum

Tilgate Park

A good portion of my recent recording activities have happened while doing something else. Last Saturday was no exception since there was a fungus foray at Tilgate Park led by Nick Aplin, and five minutes before I left I thought it prudent to check what bryophytes had been recorded there. There were 58 species previously […]