Lilac Patch

Brighton Withdean Park in Brighton contains the Second largest collection of lilacs in the world with over 250 types. From 1960 the park developed as a horticultural exhibit of berberis, viburnum, cotoneaster, floribundas roses and, most importantly, lilacs; all plants that tolerate the thin alkaline soil. It was designated by the National Council for the […]

Out Back

Brighton I’ve put this blogpost under “out in the field” but not sure if that’s the right category when I can do the whole survey in pyjamas and bare feet! Inspired by Jacqui’s recent blog I looked at my back garden which is typical for central Brighton; cut into the chalk, shaded by our tall […]

Brewers Dozen

Brighton The last day of good weather for a while and I was home in Brighton. I had walked along the Greenway, a path which follows the railway line and was originally planned to reach Preston Park station but seems to just stretch along the New England development near the town centre. Brad recorded a […]

Fret Work

The Downs behind Saltdean There was one last, surprisingly remote tetrad in need of records in the hectad that covers the Brighton area. There is an old record of Campyliadelphus chrysophyllus from Swanborough Hill and I had recorded a few things from access land at Balsdean and at Whiteway Bottom in 2017 but the rest […]