Ardingly On Friday I had some unexpected spare time to do some bryophyte recording. I should have visited East Dean and a tetrad of huge, dull looking fields but when I noticed the strong wind decided on impulse to head inland to Ardingly where there was sheltered woodland a short walk from the car park. […]

South of Ardingly

Now that TQ32S has more than 40 taxa recorded, I turned my attention to another of the three tetrads with fewer records in TQ32. Visiting TQ32P seemed a good idea because only 14 taxa had been recorded there and yet if looked as if there were varied habitats as well as numerous footpaths. But where […]

Along the High Weald Landscape Trail – Brook Street to Borde Hill and back

A fine morning found me at Brook Street on the road to Balcombe in a tetrad (TQ32D) in need of records. A promising start was the village sign, whose brickwork hosted Tortula muralis, Grimmia pulvinata and Schistidium crassipilum. Then a carpet of Didymodon luridus almost covered a shady path up to a converted chapel. The […]

Fore to Forty

Haywards Heath I had a couple of hours spare whilst in Haywards Heath last week so I cycled a short distance up High Beech Lane to get to quadrat TQ32I which was in need of records. A footpath led from the road through a cul de sac with the promising name of Sandrock Lane. There […]