Picture of Oast houses at Summerford Farm, Balls Green, Withyham, Sussex

Balls Green

Withyham is a huge parish, running from the Kent border up to King’s Standing on the forest, fringing the edge of Crowborough, and including Groombridge and part of Broadwater Warren. It includes many well known bryophyte locations, as well as large areas that have been visited rarely, or never. One such place is the area […]

Picture of Coomb Wood, Hartfield

Coomb Wood

There are some good little corners in the north-eastern part of Hartfield parish. With just one remaining square in my local patch that needed a visit I was eyeing up possible good locations, and alighted on a bit of ancient woodland called Coomb Wood. Sounds promising, and the contours were reasonably close together so even […]

Picture of bryophytes on Elm


I so needed a walk. A proper, seriously fast stomp after weeks of computer work. Knowing that the light would start fading by 3.30 I finally managed to get out a shade before one o’clock and headed north. And then a bit east. Through Tablehurst Farm, and up the hill to Cansiron Lane on the […]

Picture of Dicranella staphylina tuber

Hartfield to Withyham

I’ve not done much recording over the last few weeks, so yesterday continued working on my home hectad, focussing on the area to the east of Hartfield village centre and over the parish boundary to Withyham. My plan was to do a nice circular walk through Buckhurst Park, stop off at Withyham churchyard and then […]

Picture of Hammerwood church

Basic bryology

Hammerwood church is little visited these days and sits on the A264 at the northernmost outpost of the civil parish of Forest Row. A few hundred yards to the north is the border with Kent and Surrey. After my initial bryological visit to the area on 30 March, a few days ago I made my […]