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Burnthouse Wood

BBS SE meeting, 28 April 2019   Continuing the expansion of recording activity eastwards, this field meeting visited an almost completely unrecorded tetrad just north of Battle, largely in the parish of Netherfield. Sitting on the Ashdown Formation, this tetrad had just a handful of old unlocalised records including Ctenidium molluscum, Dichodontium pellucidum, Hookeria lucens, […]

Great Wood

All the recording in urban areas and exposed hilly areas that I have been doing recently can be difficult and often unrewarding at this time of year when it is hot and dry. I needed to get to some shady woodland and noticed that Great Wood near Battle was poorly recorded, near a train station […]

Picture of Battle Abbey

Battle Abbey

BBS SE meeting, 26 November 2017 The area around Battle in Sussex has been little recorded in the past, so was an ideal target for a field meeting. Francis Rose had visited the abbey at the end of September 1993 and the 13 species recorded in the database from that visit included Eucladium verticillatum, Grimmia […]