Picture of Gullege farmhouse

Rural East Grinstead

The north-west corner of vice-county 14 needs some attention, so a short investigative walk around the fields and lanes just west of East Grinstead beckoned a couple of weeks ago. It has been ages since I went out surveying on my own, and it was enjoyable having that focussed attention while at the same time […]

Malling Down Chalk Pits

BBS SE Group Field Meeting, 6 October, 2019 The forecast for Sunday was dismal but the sun was shining in the morning and miraculously it stayed bright for the whole day. The rain had been heavy overnight but apart from puddles in gateways it wasn’t too wet underfoot. The bryophytes were in good shape after the […]

Brewers Dozen

Brighton The last day of good weather for a while and I was home in Brighton. I had walked along the Greenway, a path which follows the railway line and was originally planned to reach Preston Park station but seems to just stretch along the New England development near the town centre. Brad recorded a […]